stop being such a drama queen!Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to have so much drama in their lives?

Whereas some people breeze through life, others seem to live from one crisis to another.

Some people just seem to crave drama, create drama and look for drama.

The word that is used to describe such a person is a “drama queen” – this is generally slang for someone who makes a fuss about nothing, in a histrionic manner.

Now as far as I know this applies to both men and women. While researching for this article I also came across the phrase “drama king” but that phrase is in less common usage.

So for the sake of this discussion, please kindly assume that the phrase “drama queen” applies to both genders – there is no emphasis intended here on either men or women.

What does it mean when someone is being a drama queen?

Well, it’s a person who simply overreacts very emotionally to any little setback e.g. missing the bus.

They often have an emotional outburst totally out of proportion to the thing that has upset them i.e. the trigger. Quite often, there is no trigger.

Their behaviour often comes as a shock, a surprise and an embarrassment to any newcomers around them

There’s usually a whirlwind of activity around them and they usually go around in a flurry. They just needlessly become over-dramatic whenever their own private little world is disturbed just a bit.

Does this remind you of anyone? Or heaven forbid, do you see any such characteristics in yourself?!

The other thing with drama queens is that people around them feel they have to be extra cautious – it’s as if they are walking on eggshells.

Who do you know in your life that’s such a drama queen?

If you have watched the movie “Gone with The Wind”, you will recognise one of the main characters Scarlett O’Hara who can be described as a classic drama queen. She was a very capable lady but was her own worst enemy with her craziness and histrionics.

Television soap operas are usually full of drama queens and kings – dramatic, larger-than-life characters who swing from one crisis to another.

Yet some soap operas have become compulsive viewing and usually, the most dramatic roles are the more popular characters.

I don’t even have a television set anymore, but many years ago when I used to watch one of the famous British soaps, I wondered if people really led such drama-filled lives. Perhaps this is where real-life drama queens learn about their station in life.

An even worse place for seeing drama queens in action are the reality TV shows.

Do people really have such drama in their lives? Can anyone’s life be that messed up?

Maybe I have just been lucky or I have had a very sheltered life. Or perhaps I have just led a very boring life.

I am sure some people’s lives aren’t great, but what’s the point of washing your laundry in public? And how much of it is stirred up by the TV production people?

Does it really make for great TV?

So what makes a drama queen? What do they get out of it and what’s their payoff?

Crucially, how can one stop being a drama queen?

The pertinent question is why people create such drama in their lives in the first place.

Of course, a person who seems to be behaving like a drama queen can be genuinely in trouble, in which case we must support and help them as appropriate.

Putting aside any underlying medical causes or genuine reasons, here are the reasons why a person may create so much drama in their life:-

1. Boredom

This is probably one of the main reasons why drama queens behave the way they do – they are simply bored!

Creating drama and a scene makes them feel that something interesting is going to happen.

There may be an underlying insecurity and their drama a distraction, so no one can ever see just how vulnerable and hopeless they feel.

2. Family Background

If television soap operas and reality shows are anything to go by, most people have really challenging lives with a wide range of family and relationship conflicts, work problems and health issues.

I am sure that’s not the case with you (hands held in prayer at this point) but some people may simply have learnt this way of being. They know life no other way except as a never-ending soap opera.

3. Seeking Sympathy

This is a classic trait of a drama queen – just look at poor me! They are often seen looking very sad and down.

Their story goes like this – I have had such a bad life, please feel sorry for me. Once you are sucked into their story, it can be hard to get away as they will exploit your sympathy and kindness.

4. Manipulation of Others

Manipulation and taking advantage of others go with seeking sympathy.

The storyline goes like this:-

“Now that I have got you feeling sorry for me,  you must rescue me. I am in so much trouble and pain, you just have to take care of me!”

5. Avoidance Tactic

They don’t want to deal with real issues and would rather cause a scene and seek attention.

Their story is – “I can’t deal with that right now – there’s too much going on in my life.”

But they will never come to a point when they can deal with the real issues.

6. Seeking Attention

Since drama queens usually have low self-esteem and believe that they will not be noticed, complaining about their lot is their best-perceived way of getting that attention.

Sadly for them, it actually works the other way around – they end up making a negative impression.

7. Wanting to Belong

Along with the seeking of attention comes the desire for a sense of belonging.

By behaving in a certain way they seek acceptance by their peer group, without realising that their behaviour actually alienates others.

They might be accepted in a group simply because that’s the most bearable option, and avoids any histrionics of being rejected.

8. Getting a High

Some people might even enjoy spreading drama as they get an adrenaline rush.

They get their kicks by creating a furore all around them – and they genuinely enjoy it.

Who needs drugs, sex and rock & roll when you can be a drama queen!?

Stop the Drama and Find Some Happiness

There you are – knowing what makes a drama queen tick enables you to see how you can help them let go of some of the underlying causes.

Of course, none of this applies to you personally:-)

The key thing is this – being a drama queen may be fun, but it’s not a happy place to be in.

A dethroned drama queen would suddenly find life really dull and boring – but he or she now has a chance of finally finding some happiness.

For some readers of this article, life is in danger of becoming really boring from here on, but hopefully, they will be happy bunnies!

Of course, if you have someone in your life, who is a drama queen, you may just want to get them to read this article. Be subtle about it of course – unless you are addicted to their histrionics.

And for anyone out there who is not yet willing to give up being a drama queen, just remember the famous last words from Scarlett O’Hara:-

Tomorrow is Another Day!

Image courtesy of amy(mcd)lakhani


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