arvind's school burning down

Earlier this year I visited my old school after almost 20 years and delivered a few workshops to students about to make their career and university choices.

Yesterday I was again visiting my family in Coventry when my old school was devastated by fire. The smoke was visible from miles and today some of the buildings are just a pile of burning rubble. The gymnasium, sports hall and squash courts where I spent many a happy hour in my school days are no more.

Just like I have fond memories of my school days, so must all the other thousands of pupils who have attended the school over the years. At least we have our memories to hold on to whereas many current pupils lost their belongings and course work. Some may have to retake their exams.

Though sometimes a student may wish to have their school burn down so as not to have to attend again, it is rarely that they really want this. Even more rarely does their tentative wish get fulfilled.

Arvind's old school sports hall is no more

It is now imperative that the school and the pupils get over this as soon as possible and resume their studies. It is sad and devastating to see an institution which is a major part of your life is no more.

For now, the pupils and teachers have to rally around and support those affected as it can be quite a shock. Many will have lost their coursework which counts towards their final exam grades.

My old school will be back. Time to make things happen.

Education is an going, life long process and for now the learning is not to take anything for granted and to make the most of what you have.

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