kavit's hamster!

This weekend, I am attending a superb seminar called “Buzz Marketing Masterclass”. It is all about creating a worldwide buzz about your products and services with a zero marketing budget. I have already learnt some great zero budget strategies and tactics that are time-tested and proven. These will certainly help me to create a worldwide buzz about my ebooks.

The Buzz Marketing Masterclass is being run by my friend Kavit Haria, who not only walks the talk in every area of his life, but also has a great love for hamsters. He has even written an ebook about how to bring up a happy and healthy hamster 🙂

There was a lot of excellent knowledge and tips shared by Kavit, and as he emphasised ultimately it is all about doing the best you can in your life and in your business.

Kavit is very strong in this and I particularly liked an anonymous quote that he shared with us:-

“Life is way too short to be mediocre, to be average, to be bland. Stand out. This is the time you have to make your mark in history. To change an industry. To change the world.

Believe that you will achieve whatever goals you set.

Let passion infuse every single area of life.”

So there you, aim to stand out, believe in yourself, change the world and live life with passion.

And of course, adopt a hamster 🙂

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