Take the plunge and get on with it!

Sometimes we complicate life unnecessarily.

The same goes with goal setting – we complicate things so much. But there comes a time when you just have to take the plunge and get on with it.

Being clear about your goals, writing them down and making them part of your present life, will achieve amazing results. Clearly your goals must be congruent with your values, integrity and your life purpose.

Here are some simple but effective ways of getting what you want:-

1. Spend some quality time on your own and reflect on the goals in all areas of your life – short, medium and long term. Consider where you want to be in three months, one year and three years’ time.

2. Write down your goals. There is far more chance of making them happen once they are written down, even if you don’t do anything about it consciously. Write them in big bold letters and hang up next to your computer, by your bedside and anywhere else prominent.

3. Always carry a notebook, with your goals written in it. Wherever you go, write down any ideas as they come to you.

4. Create a To-Do list on a daily basis. Ensure that your daily tasks are in line with your longer term goals. Even better, have a will-do list which has a list og things you WILL do that day.

5. Word your goals creatively, to bring them alive and make them inspirational.

6. Make your goals SMART. That means Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic and Time based. Your goals will then help you clearly identify what you want, how badly you want it, whether it is feasible, how you will know when you have got it, and by when you will have achieved it.

7. Phrase your goals positively. State what you want, not what you don’t want.

8. Look at your goals in terms of the benefits they will give you once achieved. Write down this benefit against each goal. If ever you falter, this will help to keep you motivated.

9. Remember to think about the actions you need to do to get your goals moving. And then carry out these actions diligently. This is most important. You have to DO something to move forward.

Goals without any action are just dreams. But goals that you act upon become dreams with a target date.

Just get on with it.

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