be careful what you take in!

I have now been up and working since 6 this morning, having given up trying to get some sleep.

I felt all fired up and on edge all night, mulling over all sorts of thoughts from penguins, statues and new e-books, desperately trying to sleep. You may ask why those particular thoughts, but that’s a story for another time.

I even tried reading a superb book by Malcolm Gladwell called “Blink” but that got me even more alert and fascinated with his ideas about those moments when you just “know” something without knowing why.

It seemed that I had suddenly become highly motivated and had discovered how to work 24 hours a day.

Then this morning I finally realised why I was so alert. Yesterday evening I went to Chinatown in London with a friend for a belated birthday celebration – and we had a pot of Jasmine tea. Since I stopped drinking coffee and regular tea over 5 years ago, it seemed a good idea to have Jasmine tea. It went down great with the vegetarian chinese dishes.

Of course, as I now realise, most Jasmine teas also contain a lot of caffeine! I know now just the sort of buzz people get when they drink a lot of tea and coffee.

So the lesson for me is this – be more careful next time about consuming caffeine via alternate teas.

Of course the broader lesson is that we all need to take care about we eat, drink and smoke. Our food today contains so many things that affects us adversely – and of course smoking (even a Sheesha pipe), has no place in a regime of total self-care.

For now, I am just glad that the effects of the Jasmine tea are now wearing off.

Time to say goodnight 🙂

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