Trust amongst human beings is fundamental to a good relationship.

In a great relationship, we must have love, caring, understanding and of course trust.

What exactly is this quality of trust? To me it is about having faith in someone’e ability to retain integrity and behave in the best possible manner as appropriate to the situation. It is about being able to rely on someone 100% and knowing that they will deliver.

They say that you can spend years building up trust with someone – and then lose it within just a few seconds, through an unkind act or harsh word.

Here is an anecdotal story about how one can lose trust:-

Once upon a time a burglar found this sign above the safe he was about to blow: “Please do not use dynamite. This safe is not locked. Just turn the knob”.

The instant the thief turned the knob, a sandbag fell on him, floodlights came on, and sirens woke the entire neighbourhood.

One of his friends visited the robber in prison and found him bitter. “How am I ever going to trust another human being again?!”, he asked.

So what do you do in your daily life that inspires people to trust in you?

What messages and signals do you give you that shows you are trust worthy?

What will you never do so that your closed ones lose trust in you?


what is trust?


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