say cheese!

Every now and then you come across a picture and you just have to smile.

This picture was sent to me recently by a friend and apparently it has been doing the rounds of the net for a few years now.

You can just imagine the ensuing chaos and shock a few milliseconds after the picture was taken.

Sometimes life can be just tough – and it can kick you or soak you just when you are not expecting it!

Clearly the picture may have been doctored, but nevertheless it does lead to some interesting questions and learnings for our daily life.

This is Day 19 of our “28 Day Relationships Adventure (DRA)” in February. You can read the previous 18 articles by following the links at the bottom of this post.

Today I want to briefly explore how we can easily damage or destroy our friendships.

How often have you done or said something that you have regretted straightaway?

The damage has been done in a split second and you may take a long time to repair it. Friendships and relationships have been destroyed in the blinking of an eye.

They say it takes years to build up trust and friendship, and it may only take one or two harsh words to lose it all.

So the lesson is this – take care and think twice before saying or doing something that could cause lasting damage to your friendship. Or indeed any other relationship.

Whereas the people drenched in the above photo will soon dry out, and they might even see the funny side of things after a while, the hurt, pain and damage caused to our loved ones by some harsh words can be deeper and more lasting.

Remember – rather than saying something you might regret, take time out.

Go and cool down – under a cascade of water if necessary :-).

Here’s the Daily Exercise for Today:-

Look back on your own friendships and reflect on a friendship which went sour. What could you have done differently?

How can you use these insights to improve your future friendships?