Get lucky!This is a guest post from Angela Artemis

Do you wish you could “create” good luck – just like that?

Remember the seminar you were just dying to take but, didn’t have the money for until a forgotten refund check for an overpayment miraculously showed up in your mailbox – at the perfect time?

This may seem like a once in a lifetime lucky coincidence but I have some good news for you.

You can create an atmosphere that fosters and attracts luck to you like a magnet if you learn to follow your intuition.

The Universe is intelligent.

This intelligence is organized and responsive to our needs.

The appearance of synchronicity and serendipity, which are lucky coincidences, in our lives make it evident that this force exists and that it can interact with each us intelligently.

Synchronicity is a “fortunate or meaningful coincidence.”

Serendipity means “something you need or could use lands unexpectedly in your lap.” The example of receiving a check out of the blue is a classic case of serendipity.

Both of these phenomena occur more frequently when you begin developing your intuition.

How Synchronicity and Serendipity Manifest:-

Say, that it’s the dead of winter and your snow blower dies. You dash out to buy a new one before the next snowfall. At the store you run into an old friend who says she and her husband are moving to California in a week.

After some chit chat your friend tells you that you can have her snow blower, which is practically brand new, since she and her husband will not need it in California.

This is an example of a how serendipity works. You received something you needed as a windfall in an unexpected way.

Recently, while taking a walk I’d been trying to come up with a solution as to where I might find more clients interested in mediumship readings. Just as I was thinking about this, I said hello to a man coming out of his home and we struck up a conversation.

It turns out that he is in the business of taking people on tours of haunted houses. He works with mediums and brings them along so that they can get a reading on what’s happening. He gave me his card and told me to get in touch with him.

This is a classic example of synchronicity or fortunate coincidence.

We are Lovingly Guided by the Universe:-

Events such as these, where you cross paths with good luck, are orchestrated by the Universe to help make your life flow more easily. It is how the Universe speaks to us.

When you learn to hear your intuition and follow it you will be ‘guided’ to be in the right place at the right time.

Each of us has a path that best utilizes all of our talents and abilities in life. Think of synchronicity and serendipity as ‘road signs’ pointing you in the right direction to arrive at your destination, just as you would if you were following directions to a friend’s house.

When we are on the ‘right’ path things work in our favour to keep us headed in the right direction.

Should the synchronicities or serendipitous events come to a halt, we know we’ve strayed too far from our path.

Why Synchronicity Heightens your Success:-

The Universe is an organized system of intelligence whose only directive is the propagation of all life. An organized system is merely a “feedback loop,” meaning when you do this – I do that.

If what you do supports life on Earth – the Universe is programmed to respond in only one way – by supporting you.

When you are on the right path, having found your “raison d’être” and use it to help others thrive you are in-tune with the prime directive of the Universe. The Universe conspires to help you because your actions support the same goal.

It is your understanding of these events that significantly ramps up your success in life.

Each time one of these fortunate events occurs you will know that you’ve found another “breadcrumb” or clue that you’re going in the right direction.

Once you are aware that you are being shown the right path to follow by these events you will be led from one success to another so that you continue on the path which allows you to share your gifts and talents in loving service to the world.

You will be pleased to know that there’s actually a science to creating good luck!

Use these 5 tips to enhance the likelihood that you’ll cross paths with good fortune:-

1. Become Crystal Clear About your Path

Be very clear about your purpose and how it serves the greater good. Analyze why you’re doing what you’re doing. Are you only after fame and fortune or are you truly seeking to be of service to people?

2. Express Gratitude for Everything and Everyone

Gratitude triggers the Universe to act upon your desires. Gratitude is a way of expressing love and love is the energy frequency that the Universe emits.

The Universal energies will flow through you and create your good when your personal energy pattern matches that of the Universe.

3. Set Aside Time Each Day to go Within and Listen to your Intuition

Your intuition is how the Universe prompts you to be in the right place at the right time. Getting quiet and meditating every day will allow you to separate your thoughts from your intuition.

4. Be Sure to Follow your Intuition Once you Hear it!

It won’t do you much good to hear your intuition and ignore it. You have to take action. Taking action shows the Universe that you desire to receive this guidance often. The more you use this guidance the more guidance you’ll receive.

Learn how to follow your guidance by recognising the signs and following them.

5. Maintain an Attitude of Expectancy That These Lucky Coincidences will Appear

No matter what you undertake in life it always requires that you set an intention. When you set the intention to accomplish something it is followed by an expectation that what you’re striving for will manifest.

Maintaining a positive expectation keeps your energy high making it easier to attract good fortune.

When you share your gifts and talents in loving service to the world, not only will the Universe open the way by supporting you but, it will flood your life with true joy, fulfilment and abundance as well.

Now, go forth and do good, be good and spread good and the Universe will reward you with many fortunate coincidences!

Have you ever experienced synchronicity or serendipity in your life?

What else was going on in your life at the time? Can you see how the incident supported your mission in life?

Angela Artemis is an author, clairvoyant and intuitive coach and career counselor from the New York area. She’s also a financial salesperson with 25 year background in financial planning, private banking and real estate finance. Visit her at Powered by Intuition