Money Shaman Guide to Thriving Christmas

So this is Christmas!

How are you enjoying it so far?

There’s no doubt that Christmas is a time of mixed emotions and feelings.

For some people this is a time of great joy and delight, with lots of partying and sharing of delicious food and gifts with people you love.

For others it can be a very stressful time with gifts to buy, lots of cooking to do and having to cope with large family gatherings.

It can also be a time of tremendous stress and pressure to conform.

For many people today, Christmas is a time that brings up challenges that their normal life tends to hide. It can expose a deep loneliness, and conversely for others, it highlights an overwhelming desire to be alone, away from people.

Add the constant pressure from the media to splurge out on things you don’t need nor want and the spectre of credit card bills in January. Suddenly Christmas becomes something to survive rather than enjoying.

Christmas is also a time when we tend to embark on a review of the past year – and this is fine if you can use it to bring new inspiration and energy to create exciting possibilities. However, these yearly reviews tend to hover over what we haven’t done and what we feel hasn’t worked.

With all of this in mind, I have got together with my friend Davide De Angelis aka The Money Shaman, and created a really special gift for you this Christmas:-

“The Money Shaman’s Guide to Thriving Christmas”

The aim of this very special 52 page guide is to give you some amazingly powerful ideas to ensure that you THRIVE Christmas instead of struggling to survive it.

Moreover the ideas contained in this guide will open you to the possibility of 2012 being an extraordinary year for you – your most powerful and inspiring year yet.

Here’s what this guide contains:-

  1. Question Your Complaints
  2. How to Make This Christmas Your Best Ever
  3. Time not Money is the most precious gift
  4. How Not to Be Lonely This Christmas
  5. It’s Fine to Say No Thanks…When You Know How To
  6. How to End This Year on a High
  7. Know what you truly value
  8. How to make next year your BEST year ever
  9. Explore Compassion and Forgiveness from a Radically Different Viewpoint
  10. Love is All That Matters

The Money Shaman’s Guide to Thriving Christmas is totally FREE and is our way of thanking you for being part of this growing community of abundance.

Download your Free Guide now

Please feel free to share this with everyone as you wish. Help transform other people’s Xmas and New Year as well as yours!

I wish you the most spectacular Christmas ever and a miraculous and healthy New Year.

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