what's your vision for the world?

Have you ever felt so exhausted, tired and without energy that you simply could not get anything done?

If so, then you are not the only one. It often happens to a lot of people – and the trick is to know when to simply go with the flow and then how to get going again.

But just how do you get yourself perked up and ready to get on with your life?

Let me briefly recap what I have just been through.

I returned just over 2 weeks ago from my trip to India and have felt completely drained and energy less for most of this time. It probably didn’t help coming back to subzero temperatures and snow laden England after being in very hot and sunny Mumbai.

I tried to get going again with my work and other commitments but simply felt exhausted. Nothing interested me and hard as I tried I simply could not summon up any energy for my projects for this year.

I put it all down to the weather change and tiredness from the India trip – but it was only after my sister who also came with us to India was diagnosed with a blood infection that I realised that my lethargy was not normal and I too could under viral attack.

I am well now and thankfully my sister is getting better too.

What I would like to share is the one key single lesson I learnt on how to get going again after such a protracted period of low energy and lethargy.

Okay, firstly I did the usual things that one would expect to do:-

  • Simply put my feet up. I dumped my to-do lists and just vegetated
  • Took as good self-care as possible and ate tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables. I even binged on a whole packet of custard cream biscuits – and for someone who usually avoids junk and comfort foods, that was really drastic for me!
  • Went for short walks in the park once I had some energy. Not very smart as it is still so cold here, but felt good to get out in nature.
  • Met up with some friends – and probably bored them with my India stories. Then spent some time on social media websites gossiping and catching up.
  • Tried some light reading but couldn’t get hold of any trashy novels that were bad enough to read.
  • Watched some DVDs and Youtube videos online. Not having a television set meant that for the first time ever, I missed not being able to watch some mindless dross.

I have listed these things to give you an idea of everything I tried but which didn’t really help me get going again.

So what was the single one thing that helped me?


I got reconnected with my vision.

My vision for my blog, my coaching and for my work.

Knowing what I want to achieve in my life for myself and others and creating a noble and lofty goal to do this no matter what was enough for me to fight off any viral attack.

So what about you and what is your vision for the New Year?

What is your vision for your life, your work and for the world?

Having a higher vision for what you want in your life should be enough to get you fired up everyday, make you jump out of bed and go for what you want most in your life.

Otherwise why would you do it?

Remember your ultimate vision and keep that in mind as you face any challenges in the New Year.

Good luck everyone – it is going to be an amazing journey we will be sharing in the coming months.


Image courtesy of mind_scratch.

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