world cup goal 2006

Sport is one of my passions and I especially love the football World Cup as it brings people together in a glorious celebration of colour, pomp and ceremony.

Then there are the matches themselves – a supreme example of individual and team skills – and what human beings can aspire to.

( American readers – please read soccer for football πŸ™‚ )

This year in 2007, we will have the Cricket World Cup in the West Indies and later this year we will have the Rugby World Cup in Wales and Scotland.

What lessons can we learn and apply from the various world cups in our daily lives? Here are my own learnings and tips using the World Cup acronym:-

W – Winning attitude. Winning teams and individual believe in themselves. Reach for the stars and believe in yourself and remember that your attitude determines your altitude. Get used to winning – develop a winning habit. Work hard and aim to win at whatever β€œgame” you are playing.

O – Organisation. The team that wins the world cup will be supremely organised with each player knowing his role. Get organised and do first the most important things in your life. Let go of any distractions / clutter and remain focused on your ultimate goal.

R – Responsibility. – Winning players take on their duties and appreciate just what is at stake. Take responsibility for your own life – carry out your duties and fulfill your roles to the best of your ability. No hiding.

L – Leadership. – Winning teams are usually full of leaders, taking others through thin and thick. Become a leader in your own life – and take yourself to the top. Indeed, everyone is a born leader – just grab the opportunity to shine.

D – Determination. Have the drive, belief and awareness that you can do what you want. Develop an iron resolve to remain focused on achieving your goal and always doing the best you can.

C – Courage. It takes guts, audacity and flare to succeed at anything, and especially in the World Cup. So keep going against the highest odds, believe in yourself and do not let anything stop you. And of course do add your own spark of imagination and individualism in your game of life.

U– Unity. Winning teams are united and focused on their end goal. Create a winning and united team around you to help you get to your own worthy goal.

P – Persistence. Keep going against all odds and do not give up. Tenacity and sticking to it will take you a long way towards your goal.

Now go out and win the World Cup in your own life…..

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