cry of help!

Do you remember cramming for a college exam the night before? You suddenly woke up to how imminent an exam was and you burnt the midnight oil to somehow get through. You also promised yourself that next time you would study much more consistently and not squander all that time.

You found yourself suddenly understanding everything and learning better and faster than ever before. You also wondered why you ever found the material difficult. For a few hours and days, you were “super smart”.

I call this phenomena “Inspiration of Desperation”!

Now just imagine what it would be like to bring this state of being into all your normal activities and not just exams. Rather than advocating to being desperate and leaving everything to the last minute, there are two very simple steps you can take right away to get similarly inspired.

1. Imagine that all tasks have an imaginary deadline – one that is much nearer than the reality. If you have a project report to finish by next Friday, then imagine that the actual deadline is earlier, say next Monday. Remember that all activities will expand to the amount of time you allow for them.

2. Be very strict with yourself and stick to the new imaginary deadline you have given yourself. Set up a way of being accountable to that deadline.

In the exam scenario above, the very fact that you were about to be examined and tested by someone made you very focused and sharp. In the same way, make your accountable to someone – a friend, a colleague or even yourself. Become your own toughest taskmaster if that works for you – but without ever beating yourself up afterwards through negative self talk.

So there are the two simple keys – set an imaginary deadline to finish something, and then get rock solid accountability.

Now reflect on your life on a broader scale. How many activities are you putting off as something you will do one day, some day?

What would it be like to apply “inspiration of desperation” to your life goals?

Life is too short and your D-Day or examination day could be any day!

I suggest you take a few minutes right away to reflect on what other “tests” you are still not getting ready for. Focus on the most important tests and then start getting inspired right away to do something about them.

Begin today to expose your life to “inspiration of desperation” and watch how enriched and full your life becomes.

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