blow your own trumpet!

One of the qualities imbued into me by my parents is to be humble at all times. Perhaps it is a cultural thing, but I have always been self-effacing and have down played my achievements and successes. This has not however always been a good thing as I have often been a “wall- flower”

So it was a pleasant experience recently to be interviewed by my friend Kavit Haria who allowed me to reveal the real me!

Kavit asked some probing questions and dug deep into my life and what has made me the person I am. And having now read what he has had to say, I am proud of who I am and the impact I am making on the people in my life and the world in general.

The interview is also a potted history of my life over the last few years.

So as for you, please take this opportunity to reflect on yourself and on your own life.

Are you down playing yourself?

If so, then please know that it is okay to blow your own trumpet.

The world needs you You matter – and everything you do matters.

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