glorious garden, snow and blue sky

This morning, London and most of the UK woke up to a gloriously beautiful, snow covered landscape.

Later in the day, the heavy snow led to various transport problems around the country and also school closures as teachers couldn’t get into work. In a few cases, the school heating packed up and the children had to stay at home.

So whilst most commuters have struggled to get to work, many children have had a joyous day playing in the snow.

It is the perennial two sides of a coin. Joy and despair. One person’s meat, another’s poison.

A great way of coping with such adverse weather is to become child like once again and join in with the children. Help them build a snow “person”, take them sledging or heaven forbid even have a snow ball fight.

Why not be young once again?

Also remind yourself of your own uniqueness – just as each snow flake is one of its kind, so are you.

The simple lesson is this – come what may, as I wrote previously, the weather is just weather – and so that is the point to bear in mind when the trains are running very late, if at all or you are cold and walking home through sleet and snow. Keep your cool!

Grin and bear it – in another six months time, some of us may be complaining about the extreme heat as we did last summer 🙂

snow in hamilton terrace

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