there is a tiger in all of us!

All of us have a tiger in us – we just have to let it come out!

Though we may be floating through life like a butterfly, all of us can become powerful and take charge of our lives.

The tiger has been my favourite animal ever since I saw one majestically glide through the air in an Esso (Exxon) tv commercial.

Such grace and yet such power.
Such gentleness and yet such ferocity.
Such a beauty and yet such a beast 🙂

So how do you go about becoming a tiger in your life? Well, here are some simple tips to help you:-

1. Take responsibility for your life. Everything that happens in your life is ultimately down to you. Stop blaming others in your life, both currently and from the past. Accept responsibility for where you are now and build from them.

Once you take responsibility for your life, the beautiful thing is that you can no longer blame others. This can be quite liberating actually.

2. Look at the positive side of everything. Everything has an upside – you just have to look for it. See your life as a glass half full rather than half empty.

You may not be able to have total control over everything in your life, but you will now have the power to choose to positively interpret the things that happen in your life.

3. Be willing to learn from your mistakes and also be open to receive feedback from other people. Do not be a pri madonna – just get off your high horse and eat humble pie.

See all feedback as a gift and accept it gracefully like you would with any other type of gift. Learn, apply and grow.

4. Take total care of yourself in every area of your life. Do everything you need to get yourself healthy, physically fit and in the best possible shape you can. To be truly powerful you will need all the energy you can summon for yourself. Strive to be the healthiest and fittest you have ever been – of course feeling strong, healthy and energised is very important to empower you.

You may not easily or quickly reach a high level of fitness, but you can certainly eliminate junk food and unhealthy habits.

5. To further maintain your energy, clear out all the clutter from your life – both physical clutter and also draining commitments which no longer serve your path. Let go of people and friends who de-energise you and take away your power. It is ok to let people gently go from your life – you are doing them a favour too.

6. Treat yourself the best you can. Go first class in your journey of life. By being kind and caring towards yourself, others will also behave the same way towards you. Your power comes from self respect and valuing who you are.

7. Be clear about your values in life. Just what do you stand for in life? And why? Whatever your values are, that is okay – they are yours and yours alone. Simply be clear once and for all what they are – and then stand by them.

8. Make the most of your time. For example, cut down drastically on the time you spend watching TV – and use that time to learn and grow. Spend quality time with the people who support and nourish you. Most of all, focus your time and energy on those activities such as your work which will ultimately empower you in those areas of life important to you.

9. Find an outlet for your creativity. Everyone is highly creative, but very few people find a channel that will release the latent power within. Take up writing, drawing, painting, singing – whatever takes your fancy. Simply by excelling in a small way in your chosen creative area, you will feel more powerful in your life generally.

10. Finally, always be your word and be in total integrity. Know what you stand for and always stick to that stance. Being in integrity means doing what you say, and saying what you do. By correcting yourself anytime when you are out of integrity, you will actually be increasing your power. Walk your talk, and talk you walk.

Remember also that whatever happens to you in life, be easy on yourself. Never beat yourself up and dampen your power yourself.

Applying all these tips on a daily basis will soon lay the foundation for increasing your fulfillment and power in life.

Just learn, apply, grow and growl like a tiger 🙂

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