light up the world!

Just how passionate are you about your work?

Do you still continue to be inspired despite challenges and rebuffs from other people who do not value what you have to offer?

Your passion for what you do can really light up the world if you give it a chance to do so.

There have been many times in my own life when I have suffered in pain and when I have lost the joy in my work.

Even in my blogging I have had my ups and downs as regular readers will remember from a while back.

It really is up to you whether you do something with joy or lethargy.

Let me tell you what I mean by sharing what I saw this morning, when I had a meeting in central London.

When I reached my destination train station, I noticed there were 2 or 3 people just outside the station, giving out free newspapers and leaflets. It was clear to even the most casual observer that they were simply going through the motions and were just waiting to finish offloading all their stuff so they could finish their job.

About 20 yards further down there was a lady, maybe in her 30s, also handing out leaflets. And there the similarities ended – she was putting an amazing amount of much energy and vibrancy in the simple act of offering her leaflets to passersby.

She had a genuine smile on her face and was almost skipping and bouncing on the spot as she gracefully held out her hand. Every passerby regardless of whether he or she took the offered leaflet was met with a flash of a full smile and then she moved on to the next person passing by.

I indicated that the leaflet was not for me and moved on to my meeting. Of course I received a beautiful smile, and not a sign of a rebuttal or indication of any negative emotion.

After my meeting finished an hour and a half later, I walked back to the train station and wondered if this lady would still be there.

And sure enough she was there, just as vibrant and energetic as before. She must have restocked on her supply of leaflets as almost every other person was responding to her positive energy and accepting a leaflet.

This time around I was really intrigued and I wondered what it was she was promoting. Maybe some high energy drink or a Zen meditation practice?

Alas, it was no more than a leaflet promoting a local hair saloon. They were certainly lucky to have someone like her promoting their work.

I also wondered what more this lady was capable of achieving if she was be employed in other jobs. It was intriguing too how she ended up distributing leaflets – maybe an in-between job or perhaps she just loved being out in the open, meeting and connecting with thousands of strangers!

I shall be back in the same area for a presentation on Friday – and I will be looking out for this lady. Maybe I will talk to her – and maybe I shall even offer her a job!

The point of my story is this – just how passionate are you in what you do?

Do you get people raving about what you do and how you do it?

You never know who is watching you in action – and what it could lead to.

From today onwards, remember that no matter how docile your job maybe or even if your work seems like drudgery, at the end of the day it’s up to you how much you put into it – and what you get out of it.

You have a choice – do something with joy or do it with pain. Which one will you choose?

PS One other thing – practice people watching at every opportunity. You will learn some amazing lessons for your life.

Photo courtesy of Beth Rankin

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