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Over the last few days I have finally got back into the stride of things and getting on with my life once again after the sudden passing away of my father.

It has been a slow but comfortable process and what I have learnt is that I could simply not have hastened this in any way. Try as I could I just could not summon up the energy I needed.

In the last two months I have experienced quite a cocktail of emotions, ranging from utter desperation, sadness, remorse and then gratitude, joy, love as memories of my father and the knowing that he was no longer around kept cropping up.

When I wrote my last post about how it was time to make things happen again in my life, a strange thing happened. My computer just crashed and I ended up spending 3 days rebuilding it by backing up my data, wiping out all the software and reloading. Strange as it feels, this was probably just what I needed at that time!

Whereas I was all geared up to get back into work at full throttle, the last few days have been much more gentle and I finally feel ready to begin again. I shall share other lessons I learnt from my computer cleanup in another blog soon.

Also, we all know that there are no such things as coincidences and how the right people come into your life just when you need them. Well, recently I finally met up properly with a new neighbour who moved in a few weeks ago. Due to my prolonged stay away with my mother we had not yet connected.

When I visited her home, she was reading a book by Robin Sharma “The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO” My lovely new neighbour has since very kindly gifted this book to me and it is just what I needed at this time!

The story is how a man finally reconnects with his long estranged father just before the father passes away.

His father leaves him with these 3 questions to be asked at his own deathbed:-

Did I live wisely?

Did I love well?

Did I serve greatly?

The son then goes off in search of 3 people (the saint, the surfer and the CEO) who will teach him lessons so he could live wisely, love well and serve greatly in his own lifetime.

I have not been able to put the book down since I received the gift. It is inspirational reading and poignant too as I wonder what messages my own father would have had for me if he had had a chance to speak to me before his death or even now, from wherever he is.

I am guessing and am actually certain that he would want me to also answer the same 3 questions at the end of my own life. Looking back at his own life, I am clear, grateful and indeed humbled that he lived his life very much on the basis of these three questions.

As I continue on this amazing life journey, I now have a roadmap for the way ahead for the rest of my life:-

How can I live wisely?

How can I love well?

How can I serve greatly?

As I continue with the Robin Sharma book, and indeed with my own life, I shall be writing about how my life unfolds over the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, I invite you to ponder too on what messages about living your best life your own father would have for you.

How can you live more wisely, love more and serve more greatly?

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