spread some magical love today!

If I had a magic wand…

I would change the world in an instant.
I would provide food for all the starving people and share their joy.
I would stop wars and bring about peace.
I would show men that their enemies have the same desires, needs and wants as they do.
I would bring out the love that is in everyone’s heart.
I would get people to share and bask in the abundance all around us. I would encourage people to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us and in us
I would enable people to take better care of Mother Earth
After all, everyone is doing the best they can.

But until I find my magic wand,

I will live every day of the rest of my life in such a way
That I may never need such a magic wand.
I will use the gift of this body to create a better world through my thoughts, words and actions.
My mouth I will use, only to spread words of encouragement, gratitude,
appreciation…and never a negative word about another.
My eyes I will use, only to see the beauty in others… even where it is deeply buried, I shall seek it out.
My ears I will use, only to hear good about others.
My hands I will use, only to enhance the world and to make a lasting
Each morning I will awaken slowly, and bask in the glory of the world that is around us,
And marvel at the sheer miracle of this life.
Every day I shall strive to live my truth,
And each day I shall spread the love that is in my heart.
After all, love is all that matters.

(Arvind Devalia – November 2003)

love is all that matters