s for silence!

Ove the last few weeks, I have spent a lot of time on my own and in silence.

I have always enjoyed my company and some friends used to think I was lonely. But there is a huge difference between being alone and choosing to spend time in solitude than being lonely! I find that by allowing time for myself and doing things that I really want to do, I feel refreshed and I re-connect with the real me. Also, it is about self-respect and self-love and treating yourself as you would treat your best friend.

Life is so short and our time here is so precious, so why spend time doing something you would rather not?

For me, the priority right now is to give myself a lot of time for healing, rest, re-focussing and also having some fun. And a big part of that is to spend time on my own and in silence.

Going through my late father’s papers last week, as if by cue, I came across some timely words about silence. It is not clear who penned these words, but they make clear once again the power of silence:-

What is Silence?

Silence is spirituality
Silence is simplicity
Silence brings satisfaction
Silence makes you smile
Silence is sweetness
Silence makes you sensible
Silence is sincerity
Silence is stability
Silence creates solutions
Silence makes you strong
Silence removes all selfishness
Silence makes you a self-sovereign
Silence makes you stress-free
Silence puts a full stop to worries
Silence makes you sing in happiness
Silence creates your inner strength
Silence makes you serviceable
Silence makes you sacred
Silence is having sympathy
Silence brings safety
Silence is solitude
Silence is serenity
Silence is stillness of mind
Silence is having self-respect
Silence makes you spontaneous
Silence enables you to know all secrets of life.

So there you are, spend some time in silence every day to make things happen in your life.

Start with 5 minutes a day and then build it up to 20 minutes. Ideally do this in the morning and night time before betime. If this is not immediately possible, then look for ways of building in silence in your working day, perhaps by switching off the phone, taking a solitary walk in the park at lunchtime and so on.

Be creative in making opportunities for silence, and make it happen in your life and in the world 🙂

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