make time for the roses

It has been another beautiful Spring day here in London – and it seems like we are in for another scorching summer. At least the infamous dull weather in London has been changed thanks to global warming. So perhaps global warming is not so bad after all:-)

However, the sunshine today seemed to bring everyone outdoors. Around Regents Park, it was seething with tourists and I felt dizzy with all the hustle and bustle. Everyone seemed to be running around like the proverbial headless chicken.

Do headless chickens really run around?!

As I walked through a small communal garden attached to St Johns Wood church, I was met with the amazing display of flowers in their full glory. And to think that one gardener has toiled such a gift for us all. Everything was simply pristine and the garden was an oasis amidst all the hustle, bustle and traffic around it.

If I could have stopped and reached out to all the people rushing past this haven, I would have dragged them into the garden and got them to literally stop and smell the flowers. We would made the time to celebrate nature and life.

So remember, if you are in St Johns Wood over the coming months, let me know and I shall show you around this haven of peace. At the same time, look for a haven somewhere near you.

It will do you the world of good to just pause and make time to smell the flowers.

Let me know how you get on!

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