Yesterday was a momentous day for me. I finally closed a long running, costly and draining legal saga after 11 years. I realised it was time to stop going around in circles and move on.

In 1996 I discovered that my parents house was subsiding and it was a real battle to initially convince their insurance company about the seriousness of the subsidence and then to convince them to pay suitable compensation. A long legal battle followed during which time we ended up spending a lot of money for legal and specialist fees.

My parents finally moved to a new home a year ago and I was left with a hefty legal bill. There was also a case for me to sue the legal parties who had represented us as we were misadvised about the validity of our case and the likelihood of us winning had we gone to court.

After months of procrastinating and deciding on whether to take matters further, in a moment of reflection yesterday, I got the clarity to move on. It was time to cut our losses, let things be and focus my energy and time on more positive and productive things.

Ever since that defining moment of making the decision, I feel lighter and relieved. No more negative visions of many more months of legal papers, endless letters and further fees.

The point of sharing all of this is that so often in our lives we can’t see the trees for the wood. Or even the wood for the trees. I can never remember which way around that phrase goes, but to me it means the same thing – look for the bigger picture and see the greater impact of what you say and do.

So my invitation is for you to also consider what things you can let go of in your life and move on?

What grievance can you forgive?
What area or areas of your life are you blocked in?
What will you do to move on?