miracle of a baby


I came into the world.

And cried with joy from the first moment.

I was perfect.

A pristine crystal.

Laughed all the time.

My universe was joyous.

Anything and everything was possible.


Life was fun.

But people started telling me what to do.

And making up things about me.

Things seemed more complicated.

Began to wonder what I was doing wrong.

Was I not good enough?


Life was more complicated.

I had to conform.

Life was still a joy.

But I was not laughing so much.

I had self doubts.

What was I doing here?

What was I to do with my life?


Life was hard.

Nothing seemed to work.

Stopped loving myself.

Stopped others loving me.

What happened to the joy of living?


Had a wake up call.

Fell in love once again with life and myself.

I approve of myself.

I love myself just the way I am.

Life is joyous.

I am like a new born baby.

I have always been a pristine crystal.

I just didn’t know it till now.

A True Story

My story.

And your story too.

repaired hearts!