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“Peace in the World begins with you and me – every single peaceful action you take makes the world a better place” Arvind Devalia 

Arvind Devalia is hosting an inspirational and uplifting evening of Peace, Love and Joy on Sunday 20th September 2015 in St Johns Wood to mark “Peace One Day“.

Check out more details of the Peace Evening

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Eva Schloss, 86-year old holocaust survivor and step-sister of Anne Frank will be sharing her profound message of peace, love and reconciliation.

Here’s the Press Release for the Peace Evening.

Here are 2 radio interviews and others link to let you know more about the Peace Evening and about Eva Schloss.

1.Listen to Eva’s interview about the peace evening:-


2. Listen to Arvind Devalia’s interview about the peace evening – Arvind is a peace activist, best-selling author and coach and he will be presenting his practical steps towards bringing more peace in the world today:-


3. Arvind’s interview of Eva Schloss – Lessons in Life, Love and Peace from a Holocaust Survivor.


4. Arvind’s article about Eva Schloss in an international magazine – Lessons in Life, Love and Peace


5. Arvind’s article about Peace One Day in an international magazine – Let Peace in the World begin with you Today




“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
Book your tickets here for the Peace Evening (£5 plus booking fee)