you can climb any mountain with a bit of persistence

We all have challenges in life and it is up to us to see them as exciting or daunting.

I have been re-visiting a famous book by Napolean Hill – “Think and Grow Rich”. There is a quote from him which has a lot of meaning for all of us as we ponder on our challenges and ambitions:-

“There is one quality that one must possess to win – definiteness of purpose, knowledge of what one wants and the burning desire to make it happen”

There are 4 clear stages of achievement, which I have used for coaching clients:-

1. Get clear about your vision / dream / purpose / goal.
2. Decide the steps / strategies you will need to achieve that goal.
3. Break down your strategies into tasks
4. Take action

Some people get more inspired, the more loftier or unattainable a goal seems. However the key to achieving any goal is to be very, very persistent.

As with anything else, persistence can be developed:-

1. Have a clearly defined goal.
2. Create a clear plan and anchor with immediate and constant action.
3. Immerse yourself in the achievement of your goal and remain focussed on your goal.
4. Surround yourself with supportive and talented people who can help you achieve your goal.

The first step to climbing any mountain is to first decide to climb that mountain. A famous mountaineer was once asked why he wanted to climb Everest. His answer was – “because it is there”.

So decide today just what goal is “there” for you – make sure it totally resonates with you – and then become persistent and unstoppable until you have climbed your own mountain 🙂

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