yukka plant in glass of water

A few weeks ago a friend who came for dinner brought me a lovely floral bouquet which also included a couple of plant saplings. Whereas the flowers had died within a week, the plants still looked fresh and healthy.

So I put the two plants in water and a month later they were still lush and thriving. This is when I noticed that they had grown healthy roots! This was cue for me to plant them in soil and clay pots and I now have two very healthy yucca plants.

I will certainly get many months and years of pleasure from these yucca plants.

All that initially from a wonderful gift from a friend.

There are various lessons to learn from this story:-

1. Any gift you give or get can continue to give pleasure long after the time of giving or receiving. Just remember how valuable and long lasting a simple gift can be.

2. Look for ways of prolonging and expanding on your joy.

3. Share beautiful things in your life with all those around you.

4. Look for opportunities for growth and enrichment in all areas of your life.

5. Plant seeds and saplings where you go in your life – you never know what seeds you plant today will grow into tomorrow.

yukka plant rejuvenated!

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