boing! boing! boing!

I have just finished a highly energising coaching session with a client, conducted over the telephone.

The session was energising for both of her and me. It was amazing how quicly the hour long session went and it was great to note how much she had moved forward in that time. To me, a great coaching session is when the client has powerful insights, is motivated to take aciton and is looking forward to get the life he or she loves.

During such a session, we feed off each other’s energy – and it literally feels like we are dancing the dance of coaching. This is when coaching becomes “co-creative” – we were both in the zone and moving towards co-creating her life plan.

However, at the start of our session today, my client was really flat and admitted to being tired and not really present. Rather than struggle and try to get her energy up, we decided to do something different and fun. We agreed to “pause” the session for 5 minutes, during which time she would jump up and down on a rebounder (mini-trampoline) that she had in her building.

To maintain our rapport, I agreed to do the same at my end. So imagine the scene – in the middle of the afternoon, I was bouncing up and down on my rebounder in the lounge with some loud dance music!

This 5 minute break worked wonders for my client – and it is something I would recommend to you too. You may not always have access to a rebounder, but just do something energetic, different and fun for 5 minutes. It will completely change your day. Such motions change your emotions, and you will find you have much more energy than before.

Even if you can get away from your normal place of work for 5 minutes, it will make a big difference. If nothing else, just visualise for a few minutes being more energised and being in a place of tranquility or indeed bouncing activity – whatever works for you.

From today, bounce yourself to more energy and fun in your life 🙂

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