a majestic sunset

Another key to following your heart is to acknowledge all the “gifts” around you.

For example, just get present to the beauty and majesty of a sunset. Or even the beauty of snow falling and lighting up the night sky.

Gifts come to us in all shapes and sizes every minute of the day, if only we can become open to acknowledging and receiving them.

Every incident and interaction with another human being contains a gift for our learning and growth. Trust that all is well and things are evolving in perfect harmony.

The learning during a period of vast growth for me in summer 2005 was to see the gift in every situation, especially when the “gift” had been a surprise or not even wanted!

As you follow your heart, ask yourself:-

• What’s the learning in this situation?
• What can I do to move forward from this position?
• What is the best course of action for the higher good and growth of myself and everyone else in my life?

Get present to all the gifts in your life, small or big; surprising or unwanted. Receive it, acknowledge it and be grateful. Remember to also express your heartfelt thanks for any unwanted “gifts”.

And through your gratitude will come many more gifts which will allow you to truly follow your heart and be the best you can be, both for yourself and for all those around you.

To help you, I invite you to keep a “Give & Get” book. Get a thick notebook and in the pages at the front write down daily all the things you are giving.

In the pages at the back, write down all the things you are getting. You will be amazed how quickly the pages fill up.

You will find that giving, receiving and acknowledging your gifts can be so much fun and fulfilling. As you do so, you will soon reconnect with what makes your heart sing.

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