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Life is already tough enough without having to keep everyone around you happy.

Are you someone who always says “Yes”?

Do you always says yes to every request for help, advice etc?

Then you already know how challenging it can be to keep everyone else happy. The people around you can be so demanding. If you let them.

If you say to everything, what’s your No worth?

The definition of a YES man is someone who always goes along with the opinion of others, especially a superior at work e.g. their boss or someone more senior. Usually, the implication is that the “Yes Man” is just going along to look good and to appease others.

Are you a yes man or a yes woman in your life?

Lately, I have been practicising saying NO to every request for help. Of course in the kindest possible way.

Why? Because I am focussing on myself.

True self-love means putting yourself first, no matter what.

It’s not about being selfish or self-centred or careless. It’s about putting yourself first. As simple as that.

By saying no more often, you are opening yourself up to more opportunities for sampling and living life on your own terms.

So say yes to life by saying no more often.

Focussing on myself has meant turning down requests for help. And also invitations for socialising. Turning down an opportunity for partying is hard for someone like me. But it has to be done when there are bigger fish to catch.

Saying no to others means you can give all that energy, time and focus to the most important person in your life. You.

And there-in lies the path to true happiness. Finding yourself without being forever compromised by the demands of others.

Try it today and then for 7 days – say no to every request. Train yourself to be selfish!

You can only help others by first helping yourself.

Say no to others.

Say yes to life.

You know you want to.

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