snow, snow and more snow

Last Friday, I drove up from London to visit my parents in Coventry.

My journey had begun with a wonderful and surprise lunch with some new family friends. But what is normally a journey of less than two hours took almost four as I drove through some of the worst weather conditions I have driven through.

A snow blizzard engulfed the cars all around me and it was like night fall in the middle of the day.

I felt like a crusader as I waded through mile upon mile of furious snow and sleet. Yet it was incredibly beautiful too and I was able to appreciate the scenery during the many moments when the traffic was at a standstill.

Amidst all that excitement and drama, there always seems to be one motorist who seems to own the road. I was in the middle lane when a big van started zig zagging through the traffic behind me – and he kept flashing me to make way for him. Never mind the fact that there were no gaps in the traffic for me to move into and none of us were going anywhere fast. He was so close to me that had I even braked gently he would have become my co- driver. It was probably the craziest driving I have ever witnessed.

He eventually managed to over take – and even showed his appreciation of my driving by honking and waving furiously with his middle finger. Yet another person who had brightened up my day.

I always take some food with me whilst traveling and last week I feasted on the humble celery. It has never tasted sweeter –a faithful friend. The music on my car radio, and my celery sticks got me through my journey.

Whilst I was seating in the traffic, I realised how my journey was very much like how one goes through life. You start and you know where you want to go. You have a plan, a route for your journey. Along the way you meet various challenges – and you get through them, come rain, shine or even snow.

You meet all kinds of people – some who will go out of their way to do anything for you, others who will do anything to get you out of their way!

The music of your life will intersperse with the thunder and patter all around you.

You will achieve what you want – and you will get through and get to your destination, no matter what.

And to help you along on the way, just remember to always carry some celery sticks with you 🙂

friends in the snow!

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