smiling giraffe

Yesterday, I wrote a couple of stories about penguins. You will by now know I love anmals – after all they have so much to teach us.

Today, it is the turn of the regal Giraffe to share his wisdom with us :-).

To continue my theme of peace, togetherness and helping others in some way, I was reminded of my visit last summer to a “Giraffe” restaurant in London.

This is a chain of London restaurants – they do the most amazing global food and play wonderful world music in the background. Check them out soon.

Their promotional leaflet and also their website have the following words which sum up their ethos – one that we can all take up:-

Every giraffe knows that smiling is infectious. You catch it like the flu. Someone at Giraffe smiled at me, and I started smiling too!

I looked around the tables and someone saw me grin and when she smiled I realised I had passed it on to her!

I have thought about my smile a lot and realised all its worth. A single smile like mine or yours could travel around the earth!

So if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected.

Start an epidemic – quick get the world infected!

So from today, start an epidemic of smiles and walk tall :-).

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