Sunday Morning in Regents Park!

Don’t you just love Sunday mornings?

To me, Sunday morning is the best part of the week. It is only a few years ago that Sunday trading was introduced after much resistance. Until then, the whole of Sunday used to have the same feeling and atmosphere as Sunday mornings do now.

There is generally a feeling of peace and quietness on a Sunday morning that you do not experience any other time in the week. People are gradually getting into the day and there is none of the hustle and bustle you get on other days. Families go out for a stroll, either in the park or on the main high street. Around where I am, there is Regents Park and also the canal which is just wonderful to stroll along.

To me, Sunday mornings are a great time to spend a few hours in self-nurturing, rejuvenation, meditation. You can of course do these things on other days too, but Sunday mornings have a special feel to them. Also, you can use this quiet time to review the previous week and plan the next seven days. Reflect on the learnings and the lessons to come.

There is a freshness and sparkle with very few cars around and even fewer people. This morning I wondered how I could make this period even better.

Firstly, I usually get any household chores, shopping, cleaning, tidying up all done on the Saturday – so my physical space feels neat and tidy. Psychologically we all feel better in a pristine clean home than in one that is a mess and full of clutter.

So a prerequisite is to get your space clutter free and tidy. Do whatever you need to do to get rid of the clutter and also spend a few hours cleaning up on Saturday. Then you are set for a pleasant Sunday.

You can start your Sunday with some meditation, soothing music, gentle exercise, whatever works for you. Follow this with a healthy and leisurely breakfast with your partner, the family or on your own.

After that it is time for a stroll in the neighbourhood, perhaps a park. Just enjoy the sights and sounds as everyone else seems to be as laid back as you. Pop into your local tea / coffee shop and if it appeals to you, take in the Sunday papers. I personally avoid the Sunday papers as they seem too daunting to get through – and also full of negative news. Do whatever works for YOU.

You can actually get the same feeling of quiet and freshness every day – you just have to get up much earlier!

Get into the habit of waking up early – and going for a walk or run in the morning. Not only will you be exercising, but your day will be off to a great start and it will increase your productivity.

Sunday mornings – a precious start to each week.

Early mornings – a precious start to each day.