time to break that bad habit!

Here is a great idea and tool to help you make things happen, from my friend Albert Foong at The Urban Monk.

Do check out his blog soon – his is one of the few inspirational blogs I visit regularly

It is a deceptively simple yet powerful method to reinforce positive behaviour, let go of negative habits and bring about rapid change.

Wear a rubber band, scrunchie, or other such thing on your wrist, and whenever you feel / think / want to do something you want to stop, snap it.

By the way, a scrunchie is a fabric-covered elastic hair tie, commonly used by women to fasten the hair. If you can’t find a scrunchie, any rubber band will do. Use this technique for breaking any bad habits.

So for example, if you are trying to lose weight and you get an urge to eat sweets, just snap your rubber band, which acts as a form of mild punishment.

The idea is that you learn to associate that urge with pain, not pleasure. It will also help to remind you of your real and ultimate goal behind not eating sweet – a healthy body and well-being.

With repeated snapping of the rubber band, you will be able to reinforce the positive message and one day soon you will have broken that habit.

So here is my challenge to you for this week.

Find a habit that you are finally ready to break and apply the Scrunchie Challenge to help you break it. And then write below and share how you got on.

What habits are you ready to finally let go?!

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