love children!

In one my recent posts, I wrote about letting people know just how much they mean to you.

On the same theme, sometime ago, I was sent the jumbled passage below – please read through it and grasp its powerful message:-

“Tell your children you love them everyday”

“tell your children you love them everyday, let them know how beautiful they are, say a kind word to someone in need, run barefoot in the dewy morning grass, jump on a trampoline, dress up for halloween with your kids, sing silly little songs, let go of your material desires and realize people are in real need of food/clothing, forgive someone, write a book even if it doesn’t get off the kitchen table, go to church/temple/mosque/synagogue and practice faith as that is the answer, turn off the tv/computer and play a game or talk with your kids, don’t forget the elderly, we’re all going there, give something away, help a charity, serve at a soup kitchen, really smell the flowers, touch them and see the wonderment of creation, drop a coin and make someone’s day, plant trees and flowers, spend real time with your children/grandchildren, tell them stories, colour or cut out play dough with your child, listen to their questions and words of wisdom; they are really gifts for us to cherish and teach before we let the kite string out by the way; fly a kite and feel the power of the wind, look around everyday at what we have been given and give thanks because without the almighty we would have none, say prayers and say more prayers; they are powerful, sail the world even if it’s in your child’s pool or tub, learn a musical instrument; even if it’s a washboard, go roller skating or bladding, it’s great for the body and soul. most of all love and be kind, do not be cruel to any creature here on this earth and mostly the little children; we are given but one chance to help them develop into healthy, strong, caring people so don’t prevent them from this by filling them with your problems and bad traits. give them all the love you have and we reap the results; all of us.” kim

(Just who is Kim?! If anyone knows the original source, please let me know).

So do tell all the children in your life that you love them – please, please do not wait another day, even another moment.

love children!