Isn’t it funny how a lot of tips and pointers seem to be ten in total?!

Here is another list of ten pointers for 2007 sent by a friend.

1. Always keep that childlike sense of wonder because it is that which pushes us to live.

2. Believe in the power of positive thinking, and never underestimate the strength that each of us possess, it crops up when we least expect it to.

3. Spend time with your family and loved ones, and make the most of your time with them. Learn from them, laugh with them, play with them and share with them.

4. Keep smiling, because it is your positive energy that allows others to grow and be full.

5. Taste life, live it, reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experiences.

6. Make time for yourself, everyday spend some time in silence, in some creative work, just to keep your spirit alive. Keep a journal, read, meditate, sing, dance, walk, exercise, anything that will keep that spark in you lit.

7. Love without expectation (this is tough, but the more we practice, the easier it becomes :-).

8. Allow your heart to work through you, the most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched, they must actually be felt with the heart.

9. Be kind to others, and you will see little small miracles happening in your daily lives.

10. Last but not least, be kind to yourself! Have patience with yourself and allow your life to unfold like a budding flower.

My favourite is the last one – be kind to yourself.

You are in the perfect place for where you need to be. Be patient and let your life unfold.

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