yummy sprouts

It is a beautiful spring morning here in London and I have just had a leisurely (i.e. lazy!) breakfast.

Health and nutrition are very important to me and as much as I can I do take optimal self-care. This morning I feasted on freshly made bean sprouts.

A while ago I outlined my method for making your own bean sprouts.

Having just made the bean sprouts overnight, I am always amazed at this little miracle in my own home. It is fascinating how in just one day and night, the beans have sprouted inch long “tails”. A reminder yet again of the universal mind all around us that just makes things happen.

No one had to ask the beans to get on with their sprouting or to hurry up in any way. On a broader level, the learning is that in nature all things happen in their own time – we just have to give it a chance and create the optimal conditions.

As I have said before, sprouts are considered a “super food” as they contain a lot of enzymes and high levels of anti-oxidants. They are also packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and are easily digestible.

The sprouts are a “living” food and by eating them raw you will be able to absorb the healthy enzymes and amino acids created in the germination process and you will not be destroying all the goodness – the perfect start to the day 🙂

I simply added some black pepper, a generous helping of virgin olive oil and furikake ( a delicious Japanese mixture of sesame seeds, seaweed and leaf). Sometimes I also add finely chopped nuts such as almonds or walnuts.

I could literally taste the nutrition in this spring morning feast. Try it soon!

Remember that you are worth it. And what better way to start your day or your weekend than with a nutritious and healthy breakfast full of goodness and nutrients.

Spring is certainly in the air…