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A few years ago, I came across this story of a woman who did some amazing transformational work in South African prisons.

I found this story very inspiring and was one of the reasons I was so attracted to coaching in the first place. I am so glad the links are still active 🙂

Almost six years ago, there was a BBC2 Correspondent programme about
prisoners in South Africa. There were actually two programmes, eight months

A word of warning – some of the write-up is somewhat harrowing, but there
Is a lot of good that comes out at the end.

The first link below shows the prison rehabilitation work done by a remarkable woman:-

Killers Don’t Cry

Read all the transcripts and also check out the short video clips.

Six months later, some of the prisoners were released, and you can learn what happens at:-

Killers Come Home

I hope you find this as inspiring as I did all those years ago. It was truly spellbinding viewing.

The power of the human spirit knows no bounds. Just remember that as you go through your own life.

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