overgrown garden of Eden

It is funny how quickly time has been going. It seems only yesterday that I decided to create an organic garden on my doorstep.

Yet almost three months have gone by since I started on the project in my back garden. It seems as if it has been raining incessantly ever since then. Also, other things happened in my life which meant I ended up taking a lot of time out.

overgrown garden of Eden

The tragic death of a close friend impacted me deeply and it has led to me reviewing many areas of my life. Somehow, I have slowed down and become lighter and more present. Life is too short and this is the only time I have to appreciate the beauty, joy and love all around me. I feel it is time to make the most of myself and to enjoy my limited time on this earth more than ever. It is indeed time to be present to the joy in every moment.

This morning I woke up very early and it was a glorious Sunday morning. So peaceful, calm and quiet. I got busy in the garden and have sowed various vegetable seeds. Over the coming weeks and months I look forward to creating my own fresh salads.

seeds sown at last!

It does seem the right now for me to again start sowing both in my garden and in my own life. After many weeks of slumbering and low energy, something has shifted. That shift has not been subtle either. I can pinpoint it to a recent gathering of like minded friends and family members.

Right now, I feel like I am unleashed and ready to create something new and far reaching. So in the same way that the vegetables will sprout over the coming days, I await with patience what is in store ahead for me.

The lesson for me is that it is indeed okay to rest and build up your energy and to come back fresh and empowered anew. Life is there to be appreciated and enjoyed.

So what can you do today to bring and appreciate more the joy in your own life?

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