you are sweet enough already!

I have just had my evening supper and have finally emptied my fridge of all food. My fridge has never been emptier – and my food cupboards are almost bare too.

Having just written about eating well and saving the earth, I must walk the talk!

So from hereon my food spending will indeed be very careful, controlled and on a weekly and frugal basis. I feel healthier and wealthier already:-)

The point is that before you can get anyone to take on your suggestions, you have to apply them to your own life. There are various phrases to reflect this – “practise what you preach, walk the talk and so on.

This remind me of an anecdotal story about Gandhi, who said, “you must become the change you wish to see in this world”:-

A mother came with her son to Gandhi. She wanted Gandhi to tell her son to stop eating too much sugar as it was harmful for his health.

Gandhi asked them to return after a month. When they returned after a month, Gandhi told the son to stop eating too much sugar.

Curious, the mother asked Gandhi, “Bapu, why did we have to return after a month for you to tell us this? You could have said the same thing then!”

To that, Gandhi replied, “A month ago, I was eating too much of sugar.”

you are sweet enough already!

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