Dr Martin Luther King

Here in the UK, the trial is taking place of the aborted London bombers on 21st July 2005.

Looking back, it is hard now to even imagine how tense and tumultous those few weeks were. The day after the euphoria of London winning the right to stage the 2012 Olympics, our lives were shattered by bomb within our own midst ion 7/7. And all this came just days after the positivity of the Live 8 concerts worldwide.

At the time, I wrote in my regualr newsletter about my vision for the world:-

“My vision is that one day generations of children to come will ask their parents if something called “war” ever existed. They will wonder if people really did blow each other up in cold blood, and how humans ever let that happen in the first place. They will also ask if children really died due to a lack of food.”

Call me naive, but to live with such hope is perhaps the only way forward, since “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind“.

I believe it was Gandhi who said this and in these troubled times his words, wisdom and inspiration are needed more than ever.

When we have events such as Tsunami, Katrina and 7/7, it is always uplifting to hear stories of heroism and humanity coming through after the initial shock and horror.

In the aftermath of such tragedies, what we feel and express is clearly something profound and deep – compassion.

It seems to take a Tsunami or a 7/7 for this compassion to be displayed. Yet this compassion is always there within us and the challenge for all of us today is to channel this compassion, and then create and ultimately manifest our own visions of a better world.

What is your vision for the world?

When will you begin to work on manifesting it?

What can I do to help you with your vision?

And what can you do to help me manifest my vision?

Remember it only takes a few people with a vision to change the world for the better in a very short time.

Just look what Dr martin Luther King achieved in a relatively very short time.

We can all have a dream for a better world.

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