sing your song and soar!

Lately, I have been meeting many people who are either already singers or they want to learn to sing.

It seems that I am attracting singers into my life! Only this morning I had coffee with a new friend, a flight attendant (also known as air stewardess / air hostess) who has been working with her airline now for 12 years. But her real passion is singing – and she would rather be singing than serving food and drinks in the air.

Another new friend I met a couple of months ago is making a singing comeback, having previously sung as backing singer for the likes of Kylie Minogue. Yet another new friend has just recorded a bhangra based love song.

So it seems that I am currently attracting singers in my life – and all female too:-)

I now just have to introduce them to my friend Kavit Haria, one of the world’s leading music success coaches – he will soon get the world buzzing about their song.

But the deeper question is what will really make YOU sing?

No matter what you do right now, is it really what you want to do for the rest of your life?

What is the true passion in your life that will help you find YOUR song?

Find your song

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