what will you leave behind for our children?

One of the quarks of the English language is how one word can be used in so many different ways. For example, in my last post I talked about a “will do” list. The same word “Will” is used to refer to the ability to apply yourself to something i.e. “will” power.

We also talk about writing a “will” for bequesting our possessions upon dying to whomever we choose to.

Writing a will can be an emotional thing and yet so necessary to avoid uncertainty amongst your loved ones and can also lead to messy tax complications.

So be sure to write your will soon – and put this activity on your “will do” list. Also, when you come to writing your will be sure to bequest your journals and your diary of “will do” things.

Writing your will could be a great opportunity to review your life. Imagine you were to write a fictional “will” and you could write in there whatever you wish.

1. Write down the three things that you must have in your will to go away.

2. What would you like to leave behind for your family /friends / community / world?

3. Say your will was to be read at a time in the future e.g. 25 years from now –what would you be leaving behind for the world?

4. If you were to leave behind a legacy for our children what would that look like?

5. What would it be like to give away all your possessions in your lifetime rather than waiting for a will?!

There is this saying – where there is a will, there is a way.

So whatever you want to one day give away in your will, you can certainly do since you have the “will power” 🙂

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