look on the bright side of things

Have you ever had something happen to you life that’s really thrown you off balance? Only to later find that in the big scheme of things it really didn’t matter?

You may not think so at the time, but most challenges we face are never a life or death situation.

I had one of those days yesterday.

A friend emailed me early in the morning to tell me that some of my blog pages and images were not visible.

So I spent the next two hours furtively talking to my host company and also going through my blog settings to identify the problem.

Around noon, I realised that my home page and another page had actually been deleted – and the only explanation was that I had been hacked!

Someone out there had got some pleasure from destroying my blog. I can’t relate to this, but I guess they must get some satisfaction from doing so.

I was left quite angry with a sinking feeling as for a few moments it felt like the whole world was against me.

How could anyone do this to me?!

Thoughts of revenge and retribution against an unknown hacker swept through my head.

Just then I got a phone call from a dear friend. We hadn’t spoken for a few weeks and after the initial chit chat, I sensed a change in tone.

She then calmly informed me that she had just been diagnosed with a serious illness.

In that moment everything changed. Gone was the anguish from that morning. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, what did it really matter if my blog was damaged or a few pages were missing?

And that is the point. We go through our lives fretting and worrying about petty things whilst our days pass us by. Our loved ones are the most important part of our lives and yet we just focus on the mundane and the dross.

So here’s a challenge for you from today – next time you face a problem, ask yourself this – does this really matter?

And despite the drama queen in you wanting to shine, is it a life or death situation?

In the years to come, what will you regret – the time wasted fretting about petty things or the time spent with those people close and dear to you?

Today I am thankful to the hackers – they reminded me of a key lesson in life. Yesterday afternoon, my Facebook status message attracted quite a few comments:-

“Just discovered that my blog has been hacked. But the sun is shining above the clouds, and I still have my health and my friends. So there!”

You too already have the things that really matter – the key people in your life. From today, make the most of your time with them whilst you can.

Update:- My blog has now been fully restored with all missing pages and images now visible once again. This is thanks to my blogging friend Satish in India who worked tirelessly for many hours to retrieve and restore the missing bits:-)

I can highly recommend Satish’s services to all bloggers.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:- I have lately been busy creating a 28 Day programme for the month of February to help you improve all the relationships in your life. Look out for more details on 1st February.

Image courtesy of Globetoppers

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