Unlock your queen and your talents

How good are you with sharing your gifts with the world?

Are you generous with your talents, possessions and time? Or do you hold on tightly and hide everything?

Just imagine what it would be like to share more of you and your gifts with the world.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~ Winston Churchill

Years ago, one of of my hobbies was collecting chess sets. As a teenager, I was fanatic about chess and spent many of my school days working on chess puzzles and beating hands down any challengers.

As an adult, other interests came along and instead of just playing the game, I started collecting unusual and exotic chess sets. Friends began to buy me chess sets from around the world and soon I had a quite a collection.

I proudly displayed most of these exquisite sets, from places as far away as Kenya and India.

Then one day due to a change in family circumstances, I moved home and no longer had the space to display them all.

So I put the myriad Queens and her armies into cardboard boxes and there they lay for a couple of years.

I kept on display in my lounge my favourite set, one made from soft stone and with huge three inch pieces.

One day whilst I was admiring these pieces, a thought came to me – why not let someone else have the same pleasure of having their own special chess sets?

The very next day I started to give away my stored chess sets amongst family and friends. They were wonderful gifts and it was fun watching their faces light up.

Soon they were all gone and it actually felt wonderful. I was surprised that I didn’t have any regrets  about giving away my treasured collection and on the contrary it made me happy.

Now when I visit some of these friends, I see the chess sets on display – and also sometimes their children play with them.

The point of my story is this – we all have so many gifts to share with the world, but like my chess sets, we keep them locked up and hidden.

My heart’s desire is to find more opportunities to give myself away and teach my children the of service at the same time. ~ Liz Curtis Higgs

Of course I don’t just mean our physical goods, though we could all do much more sharing on that front too.

What the world needs today is more people sharing their true gifts. This could be as simple as helping someone repair their car, helping with their reading or as world changing as a Mandela or Gandhi.

Give, give, give—what is the point of haviing experience, knowledge or talent if I don’t give it away? ~ Isabel Allende

Imagine what a different world it would be if we all shared our gifts fully with the world?

Photo courtesy of Alejandra Mavroski

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