The world this week is a better place than a week ago. There is suddenly a great sense of optimism and good will and it is of course all down to the historical election by the American people of Barrack Obama as their next President.

Ever since Tuesday night, I have been in a higher energised space – and three words keep coming back to me – Yes, We Can!

Here in the UK, the election and Mr Obama have received blanket coverage in all the media and I am sure that he has captured the imagination and hearts of a lot of people around the world.

Here is a man of integrity, compassion and charm who offers a new way of being and behaviour which is just what the world needs today.

Like many people, I stayed up till late on Tuesday night as history unfurled. If you haven’t yet seen Mr Obama’s powerful acceptance speech, then where have you been?!

Grab a cup of your favourite brew, settle down and click on the above video clip. It lasts just 18 minutes or so and it is sure to inspire you. This is an incredible experience of oratory power and speaking from the heart.

You can also read the whole transcript of the speech here on the BBC website.

By the way if there is a better news website in the world than the BBC I am yet to come across it – balanced, unbiased, thorough and up-to-date.

What an historic week and there has been so much written elsewhere about the significance and potential of this event.

Having been born in Kenya, I am also especially proud of Mr Obama due to my own Kenyan heritage. There have been some parties there to celebrate Mr Obama’s achievement – the Kenyan government even declared a public holiday yesterday!

Here in the UK, I wonder if we can even begin to grasp the enormity of Mr Obama’s election and just what it means to the American African community to have someone from their heritage occupy the highest office in the land and become one of the most powerful and influential human being in the planet.

The day after the election I visited my local newspaper kiosk which is run by a lovely gentleman of West Indian descent called Joe. We chatted about Mr Obama and he was literally beaming with pride and happiness that someone like Mr Obama had become the US President. He said he now just wanted the same thing to happen in the UK in his lifetime i.e. a Prime Minister of “ethnic” descent.

This reminds me of a post I wrote a while ago about making “Kunta-Kinte” proud of his legacy.

And what a legacy Mr Obama has already created!

The key message for the future from Mr Obama’s speech is that despite the challenges the world faces today, and despite the challenges we all face individually, we can overcome. Yes, we can!

As ever, I am feeling very optimistic and hopeful about the way forward. The key is to focus not on all the doom and gloom around us (get rid of your TV to start with!) but to look for the positive side to everything and search for what is possible. Yes, we can!

(When will I stop saying that?!)

In fact, if we come from the space of nothing is wrong, then we open up to co-creating the world that we want. By coming from a higher vibrational space, we then become the creators of the type of world we want. Easily said of course but it can be done. Yes, we can!

I really do believe that what we have here is an opportunity that comes along once in a generation and we have to seize it now. Lets get away from all the toxicity and the negativity and focus on what we can do. Yes, we can!

As someone said, don’t let those who say it can’t be done stand in the way of those doing it!”

Here are some previous posts I have written which are very relevant to doing the things we can. Please do take some time out to read them in this order:-

1. You can, if you think you can.

2. Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it

3. Develop a can-do attitude

The message is clear – yes, we can!

Wherever we are on our life journey and no matter what challenges we face in our life, it is possible to make things better. When we change our own little world for the better, the whole world gets better.

We can also broaden our horizons and see how we can all contribute to the world and make a difference in our way, small or big.

Never give up hope and never lose sight of your dreams – what would have happened if Mr Obama had lost hope whilst he was growing up as a young boy in a trying environment?

So here are some questions for all of us to look within and answer:-

What can I do?

What will I do?

When will I begin?

And always remember Mr Obama’s words – yes, we can.

you can if you think you can!

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