rise high for a better quality of life!

I have just received a great little e-book by my friend and entrepreneur Kit Copper called “Greater Quality of Life”.

Kit interviews inspirational people from around the world – people who are successful in life, those who are accomplished yet humble, passionate yet grounded, socially conscious yet not too serious.

Having studied what his guests have said, Kit has summarised their 10 keys for a greater quality of life:-

  • Write things down
  • Be grateful
  • Seek quite time
  • Exercise
  • Be humble
  • Be yourself
  • Don’t impose your will on others
  • Take advantage of your emotive intelligence
  • Be aware of your mind
  • Take risks

These are great insights which you can start applying in your own life from today.

This reminded me of my own list of 10 keys which I first articulated 6 years ago in my first ever book “Get a Life”. It was interesting for me to revisit my list and to learn that actually very little had changed for me in that time!

So in no particular order, here are my own ten keys, which I strive to live my life by:-

  • Integrity — always be your word and be authentic.
  • Gratitude —   adopt an attitude of appreciation and acknowledgement
  • Self love — accept and love yourself just the way you are
  • Abundance — there is more than enough goodness for everyone
  • Contribution — give, give and give to receive
  • Total self care — look after yourself in the best way possible
  • Strive for excellence — always do your best and grow
  • Positive attitude — look on the bright side of everything
  • Forgiveness — make all relationships loving
  • Live with joy — laugh a lot, be light hearted and be happy

As Kit says, knowing how to live is an art worth learning. There is of course no one approach universally correct – but I what find is that there are always some common threads such as gratitude, humility, self-care and being authentic.

Apply some or all of the above in your own life and see what happens.

At the same time, what are YOUR top 10 tips for a great quality of life?

Please do share…

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