I have a BIG dream!

Today I am interviewing Tess Marshall from The Bold Life on her new e-course, “Take Your Fear and Shove It: How to Be Bold, Play Big, and Shine Bright”

This is in line with my intention to help all of you live a BIG life in 2012 – check out my special post:-

Why You Should Make 2012 all about YOU.

Welcome Tess!

 1. How did you become so bold?

 I grew up on a produce farm with nine siblings. We were all very competitive for our parents love and attention. It was speak up or lose out. We also worked in the fields and at the Farmer’s Market when we were young children. Again we had to speak up, being bold was a necessity. We became experts in sales by the time we were 13 years old!

 Those skills have benefited me in ways I couldn’t imagine then…

 2. Tess, sounds like you have had quite an upbringing – bold indeed!And you have clearly come a long way since then.

Tell us what’s the biggest fear you have managed to overcome since then?

I married very young. I was mom to four daughters by the time I was 22 years old. The last pregnancy was twins. One of the twins was born without a right hand. I was afraid for her. I knew life would be difficult at times and of course you want to save your kids from pain. I pushed her to do things she didn’t think she could. She also was determined to do what her sisters did.

Kristy learned how to play sports using her stub. She played basketball and soccer. She went on to the University of Chicago and played there for two years as well, before she reached her limits. Now she runs marathons and participates in triathlons.

3. How did you do it?

I didn’t let Kristy off the hook. Didn’t let her make excuses. She used to say when she was a little girl, “I can’t do the dishes because I only have one hand.” I’d reply, “Oh yes you can, it will just take you longer.” The way I overcame all my fears around my parenting and marriage was one step at a time. Our fortieth anniversary is January 14th.

4. Of all of your accomplishments what brings you the most joy?

My family brings me the  most joy. All of our hard work paid off and now we feel like we’re on easy street! We only have to relax, have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Tell us about your new ecourse, Take Your Fear and Shove It.

I wrote this course to help those who are paralyzed by fear and allow it to dictate their lives. The course contains the map, tools and techniques to overcome fear and gain the confidence and courage to run to live the live you desire.

We often look up to brave, bold, and successful people. It’s time to become one of them!

Bold Man at the Summit!

6. Why did you write your ecourse?

For the last 20 years I’ve had a successful career as a therapist, coach, speaker and writer. My family, friends, and clients have asked me repeatedly, “How do you do it?”

This course is the culmination of everything I’ve learned. I suggest action-oriented steps that will help you experience less doubt, worry, and fear and more peace, love, and happiness.

 The course is for those who want to know the answer to “How I did it?” You only need to apply it to your own life.

 7. There are so many ecourses out there nowadays. Why do people need YOUR course?

 Because it goes beyond working through your fears, today people are more terrified than ever. The course will show you how to go from negatively predicting the future to expecting the best, in the midst of these tumultuous times.

Take This Fear and Shove it!

8. A lot of people don’t think that they have fears in life. Do you have a quick method to identify “hidden” fears that sabotage happy and bold living?

When you lack trust, feel dismay, dread, or procrastinate it’s about fear. When you are envious, greedy, or bothered by rejection you are fearful.  There are really only two emotions, fear and love. When you feel joy, contentment, happy, etc. you’re coming from love. When your want to attack, gossip, hurt, get even, etc, you’re coming from fear.

9. Tess, can you share your favorite technique for fighting fear in life?

I wouldn’t fight fear. I would accept it as normal and examine my thoughts. Then I would identify the core beliefs from where my thoughts come. I personally have two core beliefs that get me in trouble. They come from growing up in a big family: I’m going to be left behind and There’s not enough for me. Once I recognize those fears I can change my story to I am enough, I have enough, and I do enough. In the present moment, I am safe.

10. How can you keep fears from coming back into your life? Or is is just a fact of life that one always has fears?

Yes we always have fear however you can there are several things you can do. Think of an iceberg, the part you see above the water is your conscious mind, those are the fears you’re aware of. The part of the iceberg under the water is your subconscious mind. Those are our fears that will blindside you.

 11. What parting words can you offer?

 It’s time to positively anticipate your future. When you let go of fear and learn to be bold, play big, and shine bright…anything is possible!

12. What’s the next BOLD thing for YOU in 2012?

My word this year is create. I’ve got two books for Kindle that I need to get together. I’ve had this fear (yes me) of putting videos out. I’m going to overcome that by doing 28 videos in February, one a day. That’s enough for now. I have to leave some surprises!

Thanks Tess!

You are welcome…I feel like I just wrote another book;)

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So here’s what you need to share – what one BOLD thing will you do in 2012? And why?

Thanks everyone for playing bold.

Tess Marshall

Tess Marshall is a speaker, author, fear shattering, calculated risk taker and is obsessed with being happy and bold. Her blog, The Bold Life is a juicy mix of inspiration, spirituality, and personal development.

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