Loving cup of coffee!

In my story about the carrot, the egg and the coffee beans, way back in January, I wrote about how we should all strive to be “coffee” in 2007.

Well, my wish has literally come true!

To cut a long story short, I have an article due to be published in the company magazine for a company based in Georgia, USA.

I was today sent a copy of the draft and I pointed out to the magazine editor that my surname was printed as “Gevalia” rather than “Devalia”.

Well, it turns out that Gevalia is a famous brand of coffee there.

So my wish to be coffee in 2007 has come true!

The lesson is this – be very careful about what you ask for 🙂

May all your wishes continue to come true – and may all of YOU be coffee too.

Also, I would love to hear YOUR examples of wishes that have uncannily come true in a strange way!