reach for the sky like bamboo

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can grow over 100 cm in a day!?

The growth rate depends on the availability of nutrients, water, and the temperature of the surroundings. This is not bad for what is after all a relative of the everyday grass species.

However this growth doesn’t begin from a young age. Depending on the species, it could be a few years before the phenomenal growth kicks in. In fact there is this saying about the way bamboo grows:-

The first year it sleeps
The second year it creeps
The third year it leaps

The bamboo plant doesn’t just give up if it only grown an inch or two. The first few years it might only grown an inch annually, but then suddenly bamboo can grow 30 to 100 feet in a matter of days and weeks.

What lessons can we learn here in making it happen for yourself and for the world?

It takes time, effort, focus and consistency to become an “overnight success”.

We all need to prepare our ground, put in daily effort on an ongoing consistent basis before one day getting the success we desire and deserve.

The definition of “success” will vary from person to person but the requisite steps are the same:-

1. Lay down your roots

During its gestation period, a bamboo plant is growing roots and building up sustenance as well as creating a supportive foundation for its future glory.

Get clear about what you need for your long term growth and lay down your roots.

What are your roots?

2. Nurture yourself

Take great self- care and make sure that you are fit and well enough for the long run.

What do you need to nurture yourself?

3. Have the right resources

Be prepared for the long haul. Acquire and learn to use the best and optimal tools.

Learn better and smarter ways of doing things and you will free up your time and energy to actually enjoy your growth.

4. Take consistent tiny steps

Do whatever you need to each day, no matter how tiny, mundane or painstaking.

By doing each day, you will be working towards your long term legacy.

5. Remain focussed and persistent

Usually if things don’t happen fast enough, people give up. Can you imagine a bamboo tree giving up after growth of just a few inches!

Then the world would never see it reach majestic heights. Make sure the same thing about you is true.

So no matter where your journey takes you, keep on going. You are on a great journey of learning, growth and personal development.

Reach for the sky like bamboo and one day you too can light up the world.

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