time to have fun being single!

This is the final article in my series for Valentines Day.

I have already discussed just what is love and also shared my tips for finding the “special one” and also how to make an existing relationship even better.

Especially check out the last one about how to make your relationship even better with some key lessons from lions πŸ™‚

Which leaves the final scenario of how to live and enjoy your life as a single person. Somehow I feel that a lot of single people may feel lacking in something when they are single.

I have known friends to jump from one relationship to another, whereas others have remained single for years. Quite often I have assured friends and coaching clients that it is indeed okay to be single!

I myself have chosen to be single for now, despite constantly meeting potential and suitable partners. To me it is all about being clear about what I want in a partner and also just what is currently right for me on my life path. Whilst I work on other areas of my life, I am also creating a space for just the right partner to be manifested πŸ™‚

So are you blissfully single? Or have you put your life on hold until you are in that magical relationship?

There are nowadays more single people than ever before, with a lot of them striving to get into a relationship. But just how do you lead a happy life as a single person?

Many single people wait until they are in a relationship to live the kind of life they want and do the things they love to do. If you choose to be single or if you are in between relationships, rather than getting hung up over not being with someone, focus on what you have right now and on creating a terrific single life.

Ask yourself what your life is going to be about. What do you want to do for a living and what do you want to contribute to the world? Where do you want to live and how much money do you want to make? The key is to make your self truly happy right now and to remain happy, single or with a partner.

Some single people throw themselves in their business or job, and forgo pleasure time and self-care. It is as if their accomplishments are the only things that matter. Remember that your life is happening today and is not a dress rehearsal for the day you are in a relationship.

Here are some of my tips for creating a truly happy life as a single person and to prepare yourself for a future happy relationship:-

1. Be passionate about your life. Have a vision for your life and live by it every day. Have a purpose for getting out of bed every morning. What activity energises you? What makes time stop for you?

Your purpose is your own, whether you are single or with a partner, and you will be your happiest when fully living your life purpose. Having a partner is not a substitute for a meaningful life.

2. Build a community. Socialise and have fun. Join clubs around your favourite topics and volunteer your time and energy. Reach out to people already in your life and strengthen your communal ties. You will be creating a varied rich life, and you will have people in your life who care about you and your life, meeting many of your needs. This will in turn make you less needy and thereby more attractive.

I myself have a great community of people around me right now and I feel I get all my nurturing and support from my close friends, both new and old.

3. Pamper and treat yourself everyday with something luxurious and pleasurable. This can be as simple as a ten minute walk, a drink at the local coffee shop, a body lotion that smells good, a tub of chocolate ice cream to have in the bath and so on.

Remember that such treats are not just reserved for a partner to give you as gifts. Create a life full of such delicious moments and your whole outlook will improve. It is all abuot appreciating, loving yourself and seeing your own inner beauty.

love yourself!

4. Start doing the things that you have been putting off. Find one fun thing to do every week which you had put off doing till you had a partner, and then start crossing them off your list. And one day you can also do them again with your partner.

5. Put the past in the past. Be complete with past relationships and dump any baggage. Stop hanging on to unhappy moments from the past as a reminder to prevent the same thing happening again in the future. Let go of hurts and resentments towards anyone – forgive that ex-partner who was so mean to you.

6. Take stock of how you have behaved in previous relationships. Get clarity on what you contributed to past relationships not working out. Be kind to yourself as you do this and do not make it an excuse to beat your self up all over again.

7. Improve your relationship skills. Read all you can around this topic. Check out relationship workshops and seminars. Dating events are still in vogue at the moment. Go and have some fun – try out speed dating.

Just because you may have been single for a while does not mean that you will not have a successful life long relationship – learn and apply new skills.

8. Appreciate and value what goodness you already have in your life right now. Being single actually gives you true freedom and independence to do just what you desire with your time and resources, and you can choose who to do it with. The world is indeed your oyster.

Finally, always remember – you can choose to be happy, with or without a partner. Most importantly, remember what really matters – Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day – go and pamper yourself now!

go and chill out now!