I have written so often about compassion here on my blog. And here I am on a beautiful Friday morning in London writing about it again.

To start with, do check out the wonderful and inspirational video above. I challenge you to be not inspired and wanting to go out and change the world too!

This morning I had been reflecting on what to write about and it is funny how inspiration can come from anywhere. There is this eternal perfectionist in me which stops me from writing just another “ordinary” post and the downside of course is that often I simply don’t write!

Does that sound familiar to you?

Conversely when I just let my writing flow and write from the heart, I find that I write quite well, it flows and others can relate to it.

This morning I got an email from my friend Fred Sarkari inviting me to visit his latest blog where he had featured the above video clip about Geniene’s work.

I was one of the many people who helped Geniene get ready for her Sri Lankan trip, just after Tsunami in Dec 2004.

A Sri Lankan friend, Eshan had helped set up a charity called Tear Drop Relief to bring back the smile on the faces of Sri Lankan children. Amazingly, they had taken 2 London red buses to Sri Lanka as Fun Buses for the orphans. I connected Geniene with Eshan and she ended up travelling on the buses for a while painting faces as the bus went from village to village!

Isn’t it just wonderful when people you connect can then go on and create such great life-changing synergies!

Fred has just written about how compassion changes the world and feeds the soul

This really resonated with me as it takes so little for us to show some kindness, bring more love and compassion into the world and make a difference to those around us.

The lesson I keep learning is that it is so easy to show kindness and a single act can go a long way. For example, last night I was at a little cafe with 2 other friends and this place only had 6 bar stools where we could sit and eat.

I initially moved along so that a family of three – a man and his two children could have more space. They only had 2 stools between. I then gave my stool to the father and all this time hardly a word was uttered between us. But the look of gratitude and appreciation in their eyes and faces needed no words.

It really takes so little for us to help others and it would be wonderful if we can all spend some time and energy everyday to do a little bit for others. And of course we also need to learn to receive!

We don’t even need to travel halfway around the world to show that we care – compassion can indeed begin at home, within out families, our neighbourhood, our workplace and so on.

Of course it is truly wonderful when people such as my friend Geniene in the video travel to far off places and make such a significant contribution.

What I have also learnt is that compassion begins even nearer than home – within ourselves – we really need to become kinder to ourselves. For whatever reasons often we are our harshest critics and it is so easy to show compassion to others and very little to ourselves.

This reminds me of a previous blog post – if I was writing my last ever blog message it would be about compassion.

I also wonder what being a perfectionist tells me about myself? Where do I need to show more compassion towards myself?! Maybe it is about becoming even more accepting of myself and realising that actually I am great as I am!

We all have this ceaseless self-talk and perhaps it is time to become more aware of this and let go of it gradually. Easier said than done, I know, but let us begin somewhere today.

Where in your life can you bring more compassion?

How can you being to show more kindness and compassion to yourself?

kindness is contagious

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